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MTB 29er Wide Rim Upgrade: Ryde Edge 30

An MTB guide in Newport, Pembs, was looking for a bit more grip from his 29er. Originally fitted with Mavic X319 19mm rims, he was at the limit, width wise, of the original rim’s design spec.

Step in the Ryde Edge 30, a 30mm internal width, tubeless compatible rim, available in 29 and 27.5. This is the second tier from the Holland manufacturer’s alloy rim range, and they are beautifully made. Conveniently, a straight swap for the Mavic, so we didn’t need to replace the spokes on this occasion. Once set up, the obvious benefits: Immediately adds 5mm to the width of the tyre, giving the tyre carcass a bigger radius and putting more in contact with the road.

Even better, there’s no weight penalty as these weigh the same as the old Mavic rims. They’re rated as strong enough for bike park, freeride and all-mountain use and even some downhill riding. Not bad! Once I have the rider’s feedback, I’ll add it in.

9/5: After a few weeks riding, the report is that straight away they felt more surefooted and controllable than the original rims. The extra traction has been welcome too. All in all, this has been rated a worthwhile upgrade for the cost. Great!

Rims are priced at £48/each. Labour to build the pair is £50.